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The Modest Swim Gear

You know how some people take a great idea and take it way too far? I present to you a case concerning modest clothing. Now I think we can agree, we need to be modest, and there have been some great strides to make our swimwear that way (Thank you to the makers of the tankini)
But, friends, there’s modesty and then there is… well, see for yourselves.

I could be wrong but this seems like a step backward, doesn’t is?
I worry about anyone swimming in these things. That just seems like too much fabric in the water; wouldn’t you just sink to the bottom of the pool? And how long does that thing take to dry? I would worry about hypothermia.
And speaking as a single man, if the girl I was dating came walking out, "pool side" in one of these numbers... definitely a deal breaker.

(Dedicated to Carol and Krystal for bring this fashion trend to my attention. I don't know if they sent this to me to make me laugh, or if they are actually sitting pool side wearing these as we speak. It…