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The Awkward Goodbye

So recently I had an amazing experience with a group of people that I love. It was life changing and many of the people will have a lasting place in my heart.
But there was one family that I got particularly close to.
It was getting close to when we were all leaving, and I started experiencing some emotions and feelings that I felt needed to be shared.
 So I gave them a hug and launched into what I can only phrase as “emotional and verbal vomit”. It just didn't stop, it just kept coming no matter how hard I tried to hold it back There was a few of “You have changed my life” with a little dash of “you are the wind beneath my wings”, followed by a shower of tears, and rocking and holding. It was quite a scene.
But I felt good because I had emptied all the feelings that I had carried for so long about these wonderful people.We then hugged and I was about ready to head to my flight, only to hear over the radio that my flight was delayed.
Now there is something very liberating about…

The Chastity Share

Good Friends-

Do you ever have a lesson on "Chastity" in Elders Quorum? And someone raises their hand and shares some experiences where they or a family member broke the law of chastity? And you are sitting there thinking...(push play now.) Maybe those feelings should be shared within the walls of your own home. Thanks friend.

The Harry Potter Movie Mess

I have been so excited to see Harry Potter and I finally saw it last night.
So there I was dressed in my Hogwarts robe, with a lightning bolt scratched into my forehead with a twig I had fashioned into a wand. I was ready to finish up this movie saga, and put this bad boy to bed.
But for some Harry Potter fans, the excitement can be too much. As was evidenced by an explosive event that happened as we watched the movie.
So as I am sitting there enjoying the movie,  Harry is walking in to face “He who must not be named” and it happens…
Uuuurrhhhhg” and “Splat” came the sound coming two rows back.
That’s funny” said I, “That sounded like someone throwing up. But it probably is just someone groaning and spilling their drink.” I thought hopefully. But then came a small voice, “Dad, I don’t feel very ….UUUUURRRHHHHGGG”. Followed by the sound of projectile vomit hitting everything in its path. . Luckily I wasn’t hit, but what do you do when someone throws up in your close proximity? I th…

The Mother Nature Problem

In the last few weeks I have had some eye opening experiences that have reminded me how old I am. It’s not that I am in denial about my age, but sometimes Mother Nature bashes you over the head to remind you that you are no spring chicken. (Gentle laughing) That Mother Nature is a Maaad Scientist friends. I am not going to lie to you…I don’t care for her so much.
For example, the other day I came out of the mall and couldn’t find my car.
Really?” I said to myself, “Are we really to this point in my life where I can’t even remember where I parked twenty minutes ago? Really? (With my voice going up at the end)”
So there I wandered in the 100 degree heat searching for my little white Civic. When suddenly, and without warning I spotted her not 10 steps from where I was standing. Ah, It was a South Towne Shopping Center miracle, I tell you!
So I got out my key and tried to unlock the door…but nothing happened. The key didn’t feel like it was going in correctly. So I pulled out the key, l…