The Harry Potter Movie Mess

I have been so excited to see Harry Potter and I finally saw it last night.

So there I was dressed in my Hogwarts robe, with a lightning bolt scratched into my forehead with a twig I had fashioned into a wand. I was ready to finish up this movie saga, and put this bad boy to bed.

But for some Harry Potter fans, the excitement can be too much. As was evidenced by an explosive event that happened as we watched the movie.

So as I am sitting there enjoying the movie,  Harry is walking in to face “He who must not be named” and it happens…

Uuuurrhhhhg” and “Splat” came the sound coming two rows back.

That’s funny” said I, “That sounded like someone throwing up. But it probably is just someone groaning and spilling their drink.” I thought hopefully.
But then came a small voice, “Dad, I don’t feel very ….UUUUURRRHHHHGGG”. Followed by the sound of projectile vomit hitting everything in its path.
Luckily I wasn’t hit, but what do you do when someone throws up in your close proximity? I think for most of us our thoughts are to the person throwing up? Are they OK? And then we think of ourselves, “Did I get any throw up on me?”

But for me, my first thought was of young Harry. “Can someone please remove that child? Harry is trying to save Hogwarts…jeez”.

So the child was quickly removed and my friends and I sat thinking should we do. Do we leave or do we continue on the journey with young Harry? Well naturally we have to stay because Harry needs us.  If we leave him to his own devises he will end up marrying Ginny instead of Hermione.

So we plugged our noses, pulled our items off the floor and continued with the movie.

But then another obstacle pressed itself against us as we headed into the finale battle, that of the movie theater employee. Why he felt like he had to clean up the mess behind me during the climax of the movie, we perhaps will never know.

So I am trying to block the movie theater employee out and the smell of vomit,  but all I can hear is “Spirtz, Spritz” and “SCRAPE”, and then “Spirtz, Spritz” and “SCRAPE”.  And then the “PLOP” of liquid matter dropping into the trash bag.

So needless to say, as I dry heaved through the last part of the movie, my attention was not with my friends on screen,  as it should have been. And as such, Harry made the mistake of choosing that dull Ginny over Hermione.

I would like to believe if I had been more focused the movie could have ended differently.

Oh Harry why Ginny? Why? It's heavy at times.


DeeAura said…
I'm sorry, but your experience warrants a response: that is disgusting, and you are hysterical. :)
Dalynne said…
I have to agree with DeeAura on this one! That IS disgusting and you ARE hysterical! The movie theater should have given you some compensation... I know it wasn't their fault the boy got sick... but the clean up crew could have waited until the movie was over! SERIOUSLY!

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