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The Mall Lonely

Does going to the mall make you feel lonely?
I don’t know why but when I walk into the mall and I feel lonely. And not just lonely, but so lonely I feel the need to go sit in my car and listen to the “Carpenters” lonely.
Why is that?
I have been at the mall a lot lately trying to buy new pants to replace the ones that blew out the zipper in the “great weight gain debacle of 2011”, and I have pondered this question a lot and here is what I have come up with.
Reason 1-  I lack fashion courage. Sometimes you need someone to say, “Hey you would look good in those skinny jeans” or “those skinny jeans make your butt look big”. Sometimes when I am shopping alone I don’t get that feedback, so I end up buying skinny jeans that possibly could be a little too skinny, if you know what I mean.
Reason 2-  Sometimes I am way too tight with my money. If anything is over $20.00 or not on clearance I won’t even look twice at it. Sometimes you need someone to tell you, “Just go for it. You deserve a pair…

The Shopping of Pants

I hate buying pants. There I’ve said it. Any other article of clothing I feel pretty confident about buying…except shirts, socks, and shoes…but anything else, super confident about it.
Friends, my zipper blew out of my pants yesterday.And when I say “blew out” I literally mean that, it went flying out of my pants and hit someone in the face.
It’s all because I have put on some weight because I have started drinking egg nog a little prematurely this year. It’s a topic I don’t want really want to talk about because it makes me depressed and drives me into the loving arms of egg nog all over again. It’s a vicious cycle.
So anyway, I went to the mall yesterday hoping that I would find exactly what I was looking for, for under $20.00. Expectations a little too high? You betcha!
Can I ask a question? What is with skinny jeans, skinny dress pants, and plunging V-neck t-shirts that go to your belly button?
I don’t get it. They give me stress. How can anyone be comfortable in something so re…