The Shopping of Pants

I hate buying pants. There I’ve said it. Any other article of clothing I feel pretty confident about buying…except shirts, socks, and shoes…but anything else, super confident about it.

Friends, my zipper blew out of my pants yesterday.  And when I say “blew out” I literally mean that, it went flying out of my pants and hit someone in the face.

It’s all because I have put on some weight because I have started drinking egg nog a little prematurely this year. It’s a topic I don’t want really want to talk about because it makes me depressed and drives me into the loving arms of egg nog all over again. It’s a vicious cycle.

So anyway, I went to the mall yesterday hoping that I would find exactly what I was looking for, for under $20.00. Expectations a little too high? You betcha!

Can I ask a question? What is with skinny jeans, skinny dress pants, and plunging V-neck t-shirts that go to your belly button?

I don’t get it. They give me stress. How can anyone be comfortable in something so restrictive? It’s hard to say.

In my searching, once I did find a nice looking pair of pants it was either $500.00 or they didn’t have it in my size (I have come to accept that the pant size 34x34 is merely a myth, a legend. Frankly, I don’t think it really exists.)

So after going to every store in the mall I finally ended up in Eddie Bauer. Eddie is a good friend, we go way back and he is always good at having what I need in stock. He had the perfect pair of pants for me on the clearance rack for under $20.00.

Are the pants high waisted? Absolutely.
Do I have to cinch them with a belt so the will stay on? Darn straight.
Have I gotten some interesting looks when I go club hoppin' in my grandma pants? You better believe it.
I may look like an idiot on the outside, but I feel o' so comfortable within. And that's really what it's all about. 
Isn't it?


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