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The Provo River Sprite

So Friday I had a rehearsal for a play I am in Provo. I got there about a ½ hour early, so I decided to go walking on the Provo River Trail to try to memorize my lines.
I found that as I was walking I was pretty much the only one on the trial, so instead of whispering or reviewing them silently, like a normal person, I started speaking them in full voice.
But I kept thinking, “Robierto, be careful someone is magically going to appear on a long board or bike and you are going to look really stupid.
But no one came, so I just kept right on a goin’. So I just went for it, shouting, shaking fists in the air. It was quite a scene, man.
And then to my right, I heard the sound of little voice clear its throat. As I turned my head, I saw a little body, and that little body was riding a little yellow bike.
I did a full body cringe, and thought, “If I don’t make eye contact with him maybe he will just ride away.”
He didn’t ride away friends, but rather just kept right in stride with me, sta…