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The Deseret Industry Treasures

So over the weekend I got to volunteer at our local thrift store, called Deseret Industries.
Ah, the sights, the sounds, and oh, the sweet, sweet, sweet, smells of people’s garbage.
It’s a pleasure and a delight to be there.

But Saturday was a special day, not because it’s the day we get ready for Sunday, but because there were some special treasures that were dropped off at the Deseret Industries that make me want to rush back and perhaps purchase them.
Item Number 1- This item was dropped off by a man, who was one of those people who you imagine plays Dungeons and Dragons in his basement, has created replicas of every weapon from Lord of the Rings out of tin foil and toilet paper tubes, and still, surprisingly, has no girlfriend.

Friends, how ‘bout a coffee table with swords attached.  “In case of Orc, goblin, or zombie attack, break glass.”

Item Number #2- As I was unloading truckload, after truckload of donations, which is fancy name for "other peoples trash", I noticed …