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The Inadvertent Maturation Talk

So the last couple of weeks I have been teaching at a summer camp for kids called “theater school”.
Yesterday, I had an experience that may have barred me, unintentionally, from theater school “for corrupting the minds of young children.
So there I was, trying to maintain my class full of 10 year old girls, as I was trying to teach the blocking for the song “Popular” from the musical Wicked.
You might be asking yourself, Robierto, why is a 38 year old man teaching 10 year old girls one of the most prissy and girly songs in all of musical theater?” 
Oh friend, that is a great question. A question that has made me wonder what kind of a vibe I give off, for the director to think, " Do you know who be excellent at teaching little girls how to be prissy, girly-girls?Robierto. He would be great at that!"
But there I was, trying to get their attention so I could give them some notes, because they were so excited to run their scene, again.
In mind I wanted to say, “I need your att…