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The Instant Hair

So I have this coworker who is bald, bald as the day is long. Ever since I have worked with him he has been that way.

About a month ago he said he was taking some time off to take care of some family affairs and would be gone 2-3 weeks.

When he returned however he looked a little different. I couldn't really put my finger on what was different about him, and it took me several seconds to figure it out.  After looking him over I realized that he now had a full head of hair. That's right friends, he got "plugs" while "taking care of his family affairs".

Now I am all for this procedure and am excited that we as a society have advanced ourselves this far into medical technology that this has become a solution for bald men all over the world. My problem with this situation is the issue of disclosure. Now if you get a nip or a tuck, most people aren't going to know, but when suddenly you have hair where there wasn't hair before, you owe people an explanat…