The Instant Hair

So I have this coworker who is bald, bald as the day is long. Ever since I have worked with him he has been that way.

About a month ago he said he was taking some time off to take care of some family affairs and would be gone 2-3 weeks.

When he returned however he looked a little different. I couldn't really put my finger on what was different about him, and it took me several seconds to figure it out.  After looking him over I realized that he now had a full head of hair. That's right friends, he got "plugs" while "taking care of his family affairs".

Now I am all for this procedure and am excited that we as a society have advanced ourselves this far into medical technology that this has become a solution for bald men all over the world. My problem with this situation is the issue of disclosure. Now if you get a nip or a tuck, most people aren't going to know, but when suddenly you have hair where there wasn't hair before, you owe people an explanation.

When he came back to work he acted like nothing was different about himself. He just went about his duties without even a mention of his procedure or his rather course hair that now graced the top of his head. It didn't offend my fashion sense so much that he didn't say anything about his hair, but more so my common sense that he wouldn't think that we wouldn't think that anything was out of the ordinary.

But none of us wanted to ask about it because we didn't what to draw attention to his hair and make him feel self-conscious. And what if he started crying? That would be awkward for both of us, now wouldn't it?

But during all my conversations with him, no matter how intriguing it was, I would find that my eyes would slowly drift to the top of his head and I would just fixate on his hair.

So finally, I just couldn't handle it any more so I asked him in  a subtle way, "Hey you look different. What has changed about you?

His response, "Oh, I have lost some weight. Thanks for noticing." And then he walked away.

And I wanted to say,  " Sir, that is the least of what you have accomplished, if in fact you have regrown your hair without you realizing it."

Just admit you got hair implants.
We don't care you got 'em.
Just tell us you got them, and how the process worked....and who you went, and how much it costs, and would you recommend your Dr,  and if one of your coworkers who was, let's just say, balding, was considering the procedure what information could you pass along to him, I mean to them?

We just want little details like that. I mean is that too much to ask?


Carrot Jello said…
You should have tousled his hair when you asked.

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