The Wonder Women Transportation Problem

So last night I couldn’t fall asleep, and for whatever reason my mind went back to the Justice League cartoon I used to watch as child.

Remember? You had Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Women and those annoying Wonder Twins with their monkey (I don’t remember what their function was because they had useless powers and really cause more problems than they fixed) and they would try to defend the Earth from crazy villains. It was a veritable Dream Team of Supers.

Every “Super” had a cool means of transportation.
Superman could fly,
Batman had the Batmobile,
Aquaman rode on dolphins,
and Wonder Women had… an invisible jet.
You heard me right friends, an invisible jet.
Now the invisible jet would be cool if once Wonder Women was in her jet she would also become invisible, much like the invisibility clock from Harry Potter. That would make sense to me.

But she isn’t invisible friends; Wonder Women is clearly visible in the seated position. Which is a really weird position to be whirling through the sky in.

It would look so much cooler if she could steer lying on her stomach, because at least should would appear like she was flying.

And what’s the point of having an invisible jet if you can’t sneak up on people without them seeing you squatting, while going 200 mph? Unless Wonder Women's objective is to make them die of laughter, then I could see her plan working all too well.

I really think Wonder Women should entertain the idea of learning to be invisible or hitch a ride in the Batmobile. Batman is single, I am sure he would enjoy the company.

This is what keeps me up at night friends. Issues that would make the Justice League a little more effective in their fight against galaxy villains.

So sue me 'cause I care about people.


Carrot Jello said…
"And what’s the point of having an invisible jet if you can’t sneak up on people without them seeing you squatting, while going 200 mph?"

O.k., that? Cracked me up.
Shannon said…
Ok, glad you brought this up because I have wondered about this since I was a wee little one watching Wonder Woman. can obviously see her in the sky. There is nothing cool about this invisible jet if she, herself, is not invisible in it. Glad I wasn't the only one stewing over this madness!
harada57 said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jo Schaffer said…
Bahah! So true. I have thought the same thing! ��

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