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The Best Birthday Gift Ever!

So yesterday was my birthday. (I am still accepting gifts by the way, so please drop off yours ASAP),
and I got like 8 trillion "Happy Birthday" wall post on Facebook, mostly because I am so popular, but fear face to face interactions with people.

My friend Chris sent me a birthday video that change me in deep and a profound way for 20 minutes. It was this special, special video entitled "Tight Pants/Body Rolls".

Oh friends I don't know where to start, only to say that this video is so "out there" that I really like it a lot. I relate to the "high kicks" portion. Many of you may not know this, but one of my special gifts is high kicks, I get it from my mom.

Enjoy, and get your birthday gifts to me as soon as you can!


What is it about the DMV that I love?
Is it the wonderful potpourri of smells? A subtle mix of body odor, second hand smoke, and just a hint of poopy diaper.
Is it the breath taking gallery of body art that is on display by people wearing tube and tank tops?
Or is it the line you wait in for 45 minutes, to receive a number so you can wait in another line for another 45 minutes?
Probably, my favorite reason for going to the DMV is the quality of customer service and care I receive from the staff there.
For example, my recent experience at the DMV was a classic example of public service at its finest. 
I had received a letter from the DMV that I needed to renew my license in person, since for the past 20 years I have been carrying around the driver’s license I had in high school. Sure I look great, but I have to be honest, it hasn’t been to my advantage when they check my ID when I go clubbing on the weekends. So I was excited to get the photo updated ASAP.
So after, for what seemed li…