The Best Birthday Gift Ever!

So yesterday was my birthday. (I am still accepting gifts by the way, so please drop off yours ASAP),
and I got like 8 trillion "Happy Birthday" wall post on Facebook, mostly because I am so popular, but fear face to face interactions with people.

My friend Chris sent me a birthday video that change me in deep and a profound way for 20 minutes. It was this special, special video entitled "Tight Pants/Body Rolls".

Oh friends I don't know where to start, only to say that this video is so "out there" that I really like it a lot. I relate to the "high kicks" portion. Many of you may not know this, but one of my special gifts is high kicks, I get it from my mom.

Enjoy, and get your birthday gifts to me as soon as you can!


Speechless but intrigued.
Nathan said…
If you think that's good, you should watch "How We Go Out." It's another one of her videos, and ... wow.
meredith said…
She is just as good live. Saw her several years ago in Salt Lake. Worth all five dollars.

Happy Birthday yesterday.
Bethany said…
Dear Robierto,

Happy Birthday. You must forgive my lack of a birthday "like" or whatever on Facebook, as I am not ON Facebook. But, happy birthday nonetheless. I wish I had some groundbreakingly wonderful YouTube video to send you, but sadly, I I think that you are much more up to date on the YouTubes and that you will already have seen everything that I enjoy. Oh well. I'll try, and just forgive me if you've already seen it 10 years ago. :)

Also, I want you to know I watched your classy video in a place where none of my children could see it. Because, you know. I don't know. But Nathan, my 8 year old could hear it. And he was like, "Wow. That's some good music you're listening to, mom." So thank you VERY much for that.

Happy Birthday, man.

logues85 said…
So I started watching this at work today and was just overcome by the amazingness that it embodies. Thinking my co-worker, who just might be the friendliest kid in the world, would enjoy it, I sent him the link. He wouldn't speak with me for TWENTY minutes. I couldn't believe how happy it made me that he was so offended by the awkward. Thank you, Robierto. You have served the world yet another healthy helping of awkward.
Nathan said…
Bethany, it was truly a pleasure to assist you. Years later, I'm still reeling from that video.
Carrot Jello said…
Thanks for sharing, and happy birthday.
I tried to find you on facebook, but after the 1 trillionth "Rob" I gave up.
Oh well.
You might want to lay off the high kicks. You don't want to split any pants. You know how hard it is finding that aren't tailored to fit a 16 year old girl.
Jill said…
One strange video to rule them all....that one takes the cake for sure. Love it/hate it/want to be in it.

Happy Late b-day!!

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