The Brady's Brick Square

Do you ever watch “The Brady Bunch” after work?

And after watching the jam cook off with Alice and Mrs. Brady, you are troubled with the square brink opening in the kitchen, next to the double ovens.

What is that thing?

I feel like I have watched every episode and never at anytime has that hollow brink square been addressed. And as an avid watcher I feel like I need answers Mike Brady. You are the one who designed this house, so spill it!

What is that thing? Is it some sort of “dumb waiter”? And if so why haven’t the Brady children been using that to get to the bedrooms instead of climbing all those pesky stairs? Especially “older Greg” because his bedroom is all the way up in the attic and he could use a lift.

I can’t even enjoy a complete episode anymore because I am so fixated on trying to figure out what that thing is.

Can anyone help me out on this?


Emily said…

Go down to #4. We're not the only ones who want to know!
Carrot Jello said…
That is a grill, my friend.
I will take a picture of one in my friends house.
They were very cool back in the day.
Carrot Jello said…
It also doubled as Alice's cookie hideaway.
Little known fact.
You are welcome.
Megan Woods said…
It looks like a pizza oven without a door. I bet it was never used after the Bradys fired their Italian chef and hired Alice. (Little known fact.)
Stacey said…
I love to watch the Brady Bunch at 5:30 pm on KBYU everyday. After I watch Curios George with my son at 5pm of course. What concerns me more is the pose that Greg Brady is sporting in that picture. He is workin it! You can just cut the sexual tension with a knife.

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