The Recital

Well friends Saturday was the big recital. I can’t tell you how nervous I was. I dreaded it all day long.

I really considered purposely getting into a car accident so I wouldn’t have to go. And the beauty of it is that when my voice teacher asked why I didn’t show up, I could just say, “I would have loved to have come, but you know I got in a car accident”.

I kept thinking about all the terrible things that could go wrong while singing, like forgetting the words to the song like my friend John Dakers did at his recital, passing out, or getting explosive diarrhea when I hit my really high note.

Lately, I have struggle with voice lessons because I really haven’t felt like I sound anything like I have wanted to, a mixture of Josh Groban, Axel Rose, and the BYU Young Ambassadors. I just sound like boring Robierto from the block, and who would want to listen to that?

Well I sang my song and I don’t really know how it went because I kind of zoned out during my entire song. All I know is that no one walked out, booed, or got explosive diarrhea when I hit my high note.

Sadly, I didn’t invite anyone I knew to my recital because I was pretty sure they would have given me the oligatory “Good job” and “You are my favorite singer besides Axel Rose”. But afterwards I felt like I needed someone to rate me, judge me, or tell me how I did. Where is that Simon Cowell when you need him?

Afterwards I walked dejectedly out to my car unsure of how I did, unsure if I really wanted to continue talking voice lessons, and felt downright scared I just didn’t do very well.

But as I waked toward my car a man grabbed my arm and said, “You did a good job in there.”

Sometimes I appreciate a perfect stranger giving me a compliment because you know they wouldn’t say anything unless they actually feel like it was warranted.

As I drove home singing “Pour Some Sugar on Me” I was grateful for this man who inspired me to continue on my journey of developing my talents. Thanks stinky homeless man, for your kindness has made all the difference.


ShEiLa said…
I think you are courageous. YOU are working towards a goal inspite of wanting to take the easy way out. Kudos to YOU!!!

Megann said…
Oh, Rob! I friggin love you! Thanks for your shining example ;)
Marilyn Abney said…
Way to go, Rob. Your courage always inspires me. You do hard things and you never give up. Thanks for being that kind of example for one who needs it.

Nathan said…
That's why you should invite all your blog-following strangers to something like this. It could be a little creepy, but we could add our own testimonials or celebrity endorsements.
Rebecca Banner said…
I wish Wenda and I could have come with our make shift I heart RA shirts on. (please tell me you know that we made I hear LC shirts when Lorri sang in a fireside..if not, this isn't that funny)
Kendra Leigh said…
Did you use some spirit fingers? I remember singing and dancing at Ellis and you were good then!

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