My Name is John Daker

You know how there are special videos that come along maybe twice in a lifetime that you must share with others. Well this little gem is one that I consider worthy for you viewing pleasure. It has changed me in ways that I cannot even express.

Here are a couple of things that are noteworthy to look for:

1-The sweet sister at the piano who I can't even understand (I think she may have a drinking problem or overly large dentures), probably lives in a small town and because she was once featured as a soloist in her community choir 50 years ago, feels qualified to teach voice lessons. And she thought it would be a fantastic idea to put her students recital on the local public access channel. Wise choice? You be the judge.

2- John Daker is one of her finest voice students but he is a little slow on the pick up. Notice he doesn't really get that the music has already started and yet he insists, like all good recital participants, to give his name missing his first note.

3-I am not sure but I think his voice teacher sat down with him and said to old John Daker, "John I have a fantastic idea. I have two songs that would go great together, Christ the Lord is Risen Today and That's Amore. What do you think? Oh, it doesn't matter what you think, I am the voice teacher, you will do as I say. Oh John this will be your best performance ever. Oh and remember John to make sure you express your feelings with your eyebrows just as we have practiced, lo these many months."

Haven't you had bad dreams like this? Standing in front of a crowd of people and then all of sudden you are expected to perform, but then once the music starts you realize you don't know the song and so you just make up stuff as you go along hoping that your use of jazz hands and facial expressions will overcompensate for your lack of preparation.

Thank you John Daker. You sir, are a delight.


Erin said…
John Daker is indeed a delight. I'm so glad you enjoy this as much as I do. Truly, my life is better for knowing Mr. Daker.
Katie said…
Perfect. You just made my day. My favorites... after that first girl the teacher just kinda looks back at her with disdain.. no smile no clapping, nothing! I also love how the teacher doesn't even slow down as John Fumbles! He's great, poor guy. Wonder where he is now.
j said…
What kind of event is this that there are multiple camera angles of this stuff? Make me think maybe it's a fake.
Anonymous said…
Mr Potts made all of my dreams come true....sorry, John Daker, but good try. Guess, your teacher's proud of you...and that's what counts....Thanks for sharing this one, Rob. I loved till I cried. M.
Anonymous said…
Rob, that would "laughed til I cried"...oops. Sorry, M.
Anonymous said…
What is wrong with this computer...that would be "laughed til I cried." (still wiping the tears.) M.
Kimi D said…
Rob A. said…
To those who may think this is a fake (Jake Tripp). I have done some research and here is what I have found.

Reva Cooper Unsicker taught singing, piano, and organ. Twice a year she would have her students perform their recitals on the local cable access channel, and the hour-long programs developed a cult following in the vein of Mrs. Miller. Videotapes of the "revafests" as they were called were sought after. John Daker was always on the Revafests. He sang among other songs the theme to "The Woody Woodpecker Show." Sadly Reva passed in 1995.
j said…
Thanks for the update Rob. I hereby retract my doubt.
Melody-Linda said…
This is just what I needed this gloomy day...what an amazing video! Loved the commentary as well. Delightful.
Heidi said…
I'm glad my vocal coach doesn't make us do this. I'm also glad I only make an abject fool out of myself at auditions in front of maybe 50 people, instead of innumerable YouTube fans.

Bless you, John Daker.
Daina Bitters said…
That's the stuff that "Guffman" is made of. Totally brightened my day.

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