Valentines Day Expectations

Valentines Day is a lot like News Years Eve. You have these unspoken expectations that never seemed to be met.

I think on Valentines Day in everyone’s mind they expect they will find the love of their life on the morning bus where they will bump into each other and immediately fall into a “heart to heart” conversation. Sharing their goals, taste in music, politics, and ethnic foods, and realize they have the exact tastes and opinions about everything.

After realizing how similar they both are, they would then get off the bus, and walk hand in hand to the local neighborhood park. Where surprisingly, there would be a wheat field. They would run across the wheat field, in slow motion mind you, and crash into each others arms, and land on a blanket.

Again, unexpectedly they would find a picnic laid out for them with cold chicken and Martinellis Sparkling Cider. They would giggle about how silly love is and fan each other and feed each other grapes until the sun started setting in the west.

They would then cuddle in a crocheted blanket that they both had made as they talked about how much they loved each, sharing the names of their future children.

As the sun sets, a flock of doves would fly in a heart shaped formation across the sky while holding in their feet sparkly outfits and two tickets to the Michael Bolton Valentines Day concert.
After the concert there would be a boat waiting to take them to a deserted island where they would "make out" as the waves of the sea rolled over them. During all this rolling around in the water, fireworks would go off spelling their names in the sky.

Then after they pick the kelp out of each others hair they say “good night” and then go back to their every day lives.

Isn’t that what we all are secretly expecting on Valentines Day?

Of course these expectations are never met, so when someone drops off a box of Necco’s Conversation Hearts you feel Valentines Day should be more than that. And then you get depressed because you wonder if you will ever run through the wheat field, attend the Michael Bolton concert, and make out on the beach. And then you spend the rest of the night torturing youself watching movies that actually contain running through wheat fields, and kissing in the sea. And then, in a final attempt to torture yourself, you cry yourself to sleep to the gentle strains of Michael Bolton.

Don't torture yourself friends. Let me tell you, let go of this Valentines Day pipe dream you carry year to year. Once you give up hope you will feel so much better.

As for me, I am going into Valentine's Day with no expectations. That way whatever comes I will be pleasantly surprised.

P.S. My co-worker just dropped off Conversation Hearts on my desk…(Sigh)…Valentine’s Day should be more than this.


Erin said…
Wow, who knew picking kelp out of each others hair would be oh-so romantic?!
Since your neighbors can probably hear all of the songs you play up above, I think you should blast Michael Bolton songs all day tomorrow. They'll be thanking you for years to come. Oh, and don't forget the song by Heart, "all i wanna do is make love to you".
Anonymous said…
Rob, kissy, huggy and all that jazz from someone who loves you very much.
I love your romantic dreams...stay hopeful and one day......your maiden will come....kelp and all....sing on!

Your forever valentine.....M.
Emily Flake P. said…
Just excellent, Bobbert.

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