The Redbox

Oh, The Redbox, what a great invention. I appreciate the ease and affordability of this little machine that spits out movies for only a dollar day.

Last Friday I thought I would run to The Redbox and pick me up a movie. I just needed a night to myself to relax after a stressful week and to shut my brain off for an hour or two.

Isn’t interesting the people you see at the Redbox around 7:00 pm on a Friday night? You’ve got the mother surrounded with all her children trying to decide if she can sit through Kung Fu Panda one more time or if she should get a more adult flick so she can enjoy a movie for once.

The young couple who can’t keep their hands off each other. Whose idea of a fun date is to get something to eat at the Arbys and then grab a movie over ta’ the Redbox.

And then the older couple who would like to partake of the fruit of the Rebox but are unsure how to make the machine spit out their video choice. They ultimately resort to speaking their selection into the slot where the movie comes out. Oh bless them.

As I am standing waiting behind my Redbox friends and am becoming more and more agitated by their inability to work the machine and to decide on a selection in a timely manner. I vowed that I would step to the Redbox make my selection and be done in under a minute.

But when I stepped forward I realized the movie I wanted was checked out. What does one do? Well I started panicking because I had waited in line for 20 minutes complaining loudly in my mind about people who take too long making a selection at the Redbox, and here I was about to be “one of those people” that annoys me so much.

The bad thing about the Redbox is the person waiting behind you is pretty much right up against you, looking over your shoulder. You just know they are looking at what selection you are making and judging you.

So I am just trying to find any alternate movie to rent when I feel the man behind me breathing literally right down my neck. The little old lady who was speaking into the Redbox earlier is now back in line determined to get her movie by jamming a crisp dollar bill into the DVD slot. Now she is pocking me with her can and clearing her voice every few seconds. So finally, sweating profusely, without thinking I make a selection and briskly walk out the door.

Kitt Kittridge: An American Girl Movie.
Check it. It will change you in so many ways.


kmb said… shame Rob! I got that movie on Netflix. I watched it by myself of course, but was a good, clean movie. Pretty rare these days.
Erin said…
Bless the Red Box. However, Robbie, I too have made impulsive decisions like you while feeling the pressure of those waiting behind me. Does it seem like the movie you want is ne'er there?! Sheesh! Hence, the last minute Kit Kittridge experience. I hear Julia Ormond is in it. Was it any good?
j said…
Oh Rob...*shakes head*
Megs said…
I hate when people stand too close to me at the redbox. I am not kidding when I say that I get a little nervous when I head to the Kroger knowing I want to check out the videos. I try to mentally prepare myself to stay strong and take the time I need.

What was your original pick??
Reid Family said…
Hi Rob Abney!
How are you? I found your blog through Matt and Heather's. You are hilarious! Did you know you can reserve the movie you want online through and then go the the redbox machine and pick it up. But that doesn't solve the crazy people in line part. My husband tells everyone in line whenever he goes that they should reserve online hoping that he will decrease the number in line the next time he goes. Hasn't helped much yet, probably because that lady who was speaking into the machine doesn't have a computer or the internet. Glad you enjoyed Kit Kittridge!
Esther (Richins) Reid
Rachael said…
Hey Rob-

Found your blog from your FB page, and have been laughing myself silly reading some of your posts. I think every RB site should have a bright yellow line painted four feet back from the machine with a little pharmacy-style notice: "For the sake of our other patrons' personal bubbles, please wait behind the line until it is YOUR turn. YES, that time will come. NO, they won't hurry it up."

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