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Albion Basin

So over Pioneer Day I went to the Albion Basin above Alta with my sisters family. It was good times. There is something about being up in nature where you get in touch with your inner John Denver. He really was right, there is something called a Rocky MountainHigh that you need every now and again to clear you head of smog, the stresses of life, and the worry of the high price of gas. When I am up in the mountains life seems so simple and it seems my eyes see the world differently as if I am seeing the mountains, streams, and snow for the first time. I am filled with a sense of wonder at how beautiful it all is.

Even though I see the mountains everyday I seem to miss them with how complicated and complex my life seems to be. However, I saw them today as I walked from TRAX to work. The sun was just peaking over Mt. Olympus. And as I looked around amongst the broken concrete and fake grass from a local business I longed to be up there again.


So I must confess that I love the show on ABC called "Wipeout". It shows a variety of people, some who are athletic and some who haven't strapped on tenni runners since grade school. They run through this obstacle course and eat it, not just a trip or stubble but they eat it hard. I have to laugh every time that I watch it because why do people try things that they know they will fail at. I don't have an answer but whatever the answer is please people, please keep signing up because it makes my Tuesday nights so much more enjoyable.

I also just got my braces off and I must say that I really have enjoyed eating sticking foods like Sugar Babies, and Gummy Bears. In the past my tooth brushing experience was a major production taking about twenty minutes with the flossing, brushing, mouth wash, and fluoride regiment. Now I have it down to two minutes flat and they look fantastic.

I have also enjoyed eating raw carrots, apples, and corn on the cob. You know Amy Grant was r…

You Outta Be in Picutures

So this weekend I was asked by a friend to be in a movie she was making. It was so fun. I could do that every weekend. Sometimes I try to suppress that side of me but when I have the opportunity it just gushes out of me. I don't really understand what the movie is about but there is a very tall Dr. in it who was great!

So I just moved out to South Jordan. I feel a little out of sorts there and unsure if I am supposed to like it or not. I had high expectations when I moved but now my house still doesn't feel like home. I have a hard time sleeping at night because I feel like the real owners are going to show up and ask me what I am doing there, why I have painted their walls and parked in their stall. I want to feel like a grown up but admittedly I feel like I am a kid waiting for his mom to make my house a home with cookies and milk when I get home, holding me until I fall asleep, and making me feel secure when I question my decision to move.

Can someone just come and be my mom for a day and take care of me?