Albion Basin

So over Pioneer Day I went to the Albion Basin above Alta with my sisters family. It was good times. There is something about being up in nature where you get in touch with your inner John Denver. He really was right, there is something called a Rocky Mountain High that you need every now and again to clear you head of smog, the stresses of life, and the worry of the high price of gas. When I am up in the mountains life seems so simple and it seems my eyes see the world differently as if I am seeing the mountains, streams, and snow for the first time. I am filled with a sense of wonder at how beautiful it all is.

Even though I see the mountains everyday I seem to miss them with how complicated and complex my life seems to be. However, I saw them today as I walked from TRAX to work. The sun was just peaking over Mt. Olympus. And as I looked around amongst the broken concrete and fake grass from a local business I longed to be up there again.


Erincita said…
Robert Kenneth, I didn't know you were a fellow blogger! How very exciting that is! So glad you were able to get in tune with your inner John Denver. We all need that Rocky Mountain high once in a while - especially me who lives so close to our dear mountain range. I should take more advantage of that. Yep.
Fran said…
Now that my car is all fixed (for now...), I think it's time to take a drive to Mirror Lake or Provo River Falls.

Welcome to the blogosphere!

Heidi Cochran
Rob, you are so amazing at so many things. Thank you for your diligence in making the most of your life. We have always been so proud of you. M.

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