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The "I Don't Have Time to Do Fun Things, Because I am Doing Amazing Things with My Time" Friend.

So I invited a friend of mine to attend a movie this weekend.

His response, "Oh I wish I could, but I have so many things going on. I am working on my Masters degree, during the day,  home schooling my children in the afternoon, and then our family knits bandages for Bosnian refugees in the evening."

And this is my favorite part..."You are so lucky you have so much free time on your hands that you can go do things, like go to the movies."

Which, if you really think about it, is a back handed way of saying, "The things I am focusing on are so much more important, then what you are focusing on in life."


Obviously, my friend hasn't seen the movie trailer for "Jurassic World" because, friends if he had, he would put down his knitting and realize that the greatest issue that requires our time and attention today, is the issue of genetically enhanced dinosaurs threatening our way of life in the United States...or Isla Nublar...which is pa…