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The Funniest Baby Pictures

Some babies start life with a rough start. As is evidenced by these sweet photos.

The Wonder Women Transportation Problem

So last night I couldn’t fall asleep, and for whatever reason my mind went back to the Justice League cartoon I used to watch as child.

Remember? You had Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Women and those annoying Wonder Twins with their monkey (I don’t remember what their function was because they had useless powers and really cause more problems than they fixed) and they would try to defend the Earth from crazy villains. It was a veritable Dream Team of Supers.

Every “Super” had a cool means of transportation.
Superman could fly, Batman had the Batmobile, Aquaman rode on dolphins, and Wonder Women had… an invisible jet. You heard me right friends, an invisible jet. Now the invisible jet would be cool if once Wonder Women was in her jet she would also become invisible, much like the invisibility clock from Harry Potter. That would make sense to me.

But she isn’t invisible friends; Wonder Women is clearly visible in the seated position. Which is a really weird position to be whirling thr…

My Favorite Worst Music Video

Oh those Swedish are at it again, and friends it is a wonderful mix of tackiness and great music.

I can't be sure but I think the guy is a young David Bowie, pre-Labyrinth era.

Now my favorite part of this whole thing is the dancing. I think it's fun that they got the local 30 and older glee club to come and do a routine that has nothing to do with the song at all. But they are just dancing their hearts out, and you have go to appreciate that.

And why they are hurling the space...again it's hard to say.
But enjoy the power that is my favorite worst music video.

The Greatness of Me

Do you ever do something that you would consider incredibly charitable? So charitable in fact, you feel like at anytime you will be sucked right up into heaven? And then someone  reminds that you definitely belong down here on earth with all the other turkeys? I had such an occasion as I went to go see a play over to the Hale Center Theater.
I had taken my seat and was reading over the program when I realized that I had to go to the little boys room. But as l looked down the aisle to my left there was a little old lady that looked like she had just underwent her fourth hip replacement surgery. And as I looked to my right there was a man who was on crutches. So no matter which way I went I was going to have to make one of these good people get up out of their chairs so I could get out of the aisle. I couldn’t even do the awkward shimmy past them, because heaven forbid they make aisles wide enough so people can move in and out with ease of movement.
I decided to do a “Dukes of Hazzard Leap

The Russian Showman

I don't know what was happening in Russia in the '70's, but for whatever reason they thought Ed Roll'd Trololo was pretty hot stuff. There was a lot of radiation in the air I am assuming.

I can't figure out if he is lip syncing his own song or someone else's, but either way he isn't very good at it.
But his performance ability  is spectacular even though his face is "botox frozen" throughout the entire song.

So without any further adieu, I give you the musical stylings of Mr. Ed. Roll'd Trololo.