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The Arm Rest Anxiety

So I went to view the Hobbit opening night dressed up like Gollum, wearing only a loin cloth held together with dental floss. I have to be honest it wasn't a wise choice, it being December and all.
But I took my seat and found I was sitting next to an older gentleman and his wife. As I sit down, I notice that he hadn’t pulled down the arm rest that separated our two seats. 
I am not going to lie to you. It was uncomfortable. I was sitting extremely close on essentially a love seat, with someone I didn't know. And our legs were touching…not like “touching” touching,  but the fabric of our pants was touching.
 So I sat down thinking, well knowing, that this might be an issue for me, considering I have major personal space issues. How was I to enjoy the Hobbit with the fabric our pants touching and no discernible barrier between us?
 I could deal with this…(deep breath)  Who am I kidding? I couldn't deal with this.
So I started an internal dialogue. You know the kind where o…