The Funniest Baby Pictures

Some babies start life with a rough start. As is evidenced by these sweet photos.

Case #1: Oh sweet Baby Fran, eating an entire can of refried beans before your photo shoot may not be the wisest decision you made today. 
Case #2: I don't know what the photographer was doing to illicit such a response from sweet baby Maria, but they need to take it down, like 14 notches.
Case #3: I don't even know what to say about his picture, but it makes me laugh so hard that sweet baby John needs to be shared with all my friends.


Heidi said…
hahahaa! What's really funny to me is that I have an karaoke singing, Virginia Slims smoking, Jewish ex-vaudeville star alter-ego named Fran...
Athack77 said…
Hahaha...I think I have a baby picture like everyone of those. From some of us, the camera just doesn't lie.
DM said…
Just thought you should know that you have a cult following in Western Pennsylvania. The whole family thinks you're funny and whacky. Please, oh please, keep entertaining us!

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