The Toilet Paper Decision

Is the hardest part of your grocery shopping experience deciding what toilet paper to buy?
Yesterday, I ran into the store just to buy toilet paper, and it took me 20 minutes to come to any sort of a conclusion as to which toilet paper would work best for my personal needs.
At first, I went for the strongest and softest, the perfect comination of velvet and steel, Ultra Charmin. It almost make s you wish you had the “runs”.
However, as many of you know, for whatever reason, a 4-pack of Ultra Charmin, the Mercedes-Benz of toilet paper, now can cost upwards of $5.00.
Let’s be honest, why are they trying to gouge us on toilet paper? It’s nothing; it would be something if it was made out of cotton, or an exotic flower. But when you get right down to it, toilet paper is a bunch of lint stuck together on a roll. And they want $5.00 for this thing?
I stood there justifying this eleborate purchase by saying, “You work so hard Rob. You deserve to be pampered at least once a day… or once a week depending if I am eating my Activia like Jamie Lee Curtis wants me to.
But because I am on a budget and trying to save some money I swung the toilet paper purchasing pendulum to other side of the aisle. I put the luxury toilet paper down and picked up the rainbow variety picnic napkins that only cost .89 for a quantity of 800, and considered using them as toilet paper. I could save a boat load of cash, but on the downside could all that pastel dye cause an unforeseen skin reaction in an area where I don’t need to be scratching all day long? I don’t even get me started about the softness factor…
So I was back to toilet paper square one, deciding which toilet paper to buy.
Finally, after 20 minutes of going back and forth, I bought the generic brand “Petal Soft” for $3.00 and felt like it was a good balance of luxory and frugality.
It’s too early to tell how I feel about it since I didn’t take my Activia today. Hopefully it will be a good buck for my bang.


Heidi said…
Two words:

Costco, Kirkland-Brand. Done and done.

Good luck on your quest.
j said…
Ever since I accidentally picked up a huge package of 1-ply, I've played it safe and stuck to Quilted Northern.
ShEiLa said…
Every time I have opted for savings over strength or softness... I have regreted it.

MY personal fav...
Cottonelle with Aloe & E.

I am not an Activia girl... but I do love FiberOne bars... actually the way they add fiber to everything these days... we should be the most regular country ever.

Megann said…
There are just some things you regret being chintzy with. Toilet paper is in that list...right after generic goldfish crackers. What a disappointment!
Nathan said…
It's been 5 minutes and I'm still chuckling about "a bunch of lint stuck together on a roll."
Carrot Jello said…
So, how's the weather?
meredith said…
I agree with the costco comment but you can't go kirkland brand. Almost every month or so they have coupons for charmin. Its the best of both worlds my friend. And you know what they say, once you go charmin...
harada57 said…
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