The People Magazine

What is it about that “PEOPLE” magazine, huh?

You see it at the store and classify it as scandalous.

You see it in your neighbor’s home don’t you think less of them for buying that trash?

But when you are at doctor’s office, what is the first magazine you reach for?

Inevitably it’s the “PEOPLE” magazine, am I right?

And you aren’t just skimming through it either. You are voraciously looking at every picture and caption about those “Twilight” kids (those kids are so Hot right now).

What is it about the security of the doctor’s office that makes us so bold to read “PEOPLE”?

It’s hard to say. All I know is, yesterday when the doctor called me back into his office I told him that he was going to have to wait a couple of minutes because I really needed to know who the 100 most beautiful people were.

He laughed, and told me to come back now or I could find another Dr.

But the interesting thing was, when I walked into the examination room, guess what he was thumbing through? A “PEOPLE” magazine.

Yep, there is something about the Dr.’s office that gives all of us, including the Dr., the permission to look at trash unabashedly.

And for that I am grateful.


Carrot Jello said…
Yes, Dr.s offices and sisters reunions are the best places to read trash like that.
Carrot Jello said…
Or so I've heard.
ShEiLa said…
so true.


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