The Elder's Quorum Lesson

So one of the things I dread in life is teaching Elder’s Quorum at church. I love to teach Sunday School and could do that all day every day, but those Elders are a tough crowd to teach to.

It seems to me, and I could be wrong, that the guys just give up once they get to Elders Quorum. They don’t want to answer any questions, or volunteer to read. They just want to sit there for an hour until church gets out.

So here was me yesterday teaching, “OK Friends, so who can tell me what Charity is?”

(The distant sound of crickets chirping)

Now, I am not afraid of silence and I am a believer in letting people ponder the question before they respond, but after ten minutes of very loud silence it’s time for someone to say “uncle”. It’s like a silent competition to see who will cave first. Will the teacher answer his own question or will the elders finally have the courage to speak up? It’s hard to say who ultimately wins this battle in the end

Yesterday, it seemed that I had to answer the majority of my own questions that I asked, which I could have done at home for free.

So finally I just got so frustrated I just wanted to slam down my manual and say, “OK Fellas seriously? I have worked my can off for the past two weeks for this lesson, so somebody better answer my questions and volunteer to read or so help me, I am going to reach over the pulpit and beat the crap out of all of you.

“And if you think I’m kidding, just try me. Because I would love it!

Great. Now with that out of the way, today our lesson is on developing charity…”


Erin said…
Oh man, oh man, oh man. I'd die if I was teaching a class where no one wanted to participate! Seriously, I would. I COUNT on the class to teach it!
Bless you, dear Robbie. You prolly should have reached over the pulpit and said that. At least they'd have woken from their deep slumber.
Heidi said…
My dad is in the stake Sunday School presidency, and before that he was the High Priest group leader. He has some STORIES, and I can only imagine what EQ is like. Bless you for being so brave and biting your tongue and continuing on with your lesson. Instead of, you know, getting all violent with the manual.
j said…
You should just start calling on them by name and asking them their thoughts on the subject.
Anonymous said…
Just number them off next time, Rob, and tell them their answer will be coming up soon. "Number 3, what do you think of this statement....or answer this question to the best of your ability. That will get them going.
I hate being in that same situation...I need talkers. M.
Jason Eldredge said…
I love it! It's so funny because it's so true!

By the way, I'm still blog-stalking you. I hope you don't mind, but it's entertaining reading.
M said…
You are great, Rob! I would have answered, of course. But I don't shut up for nothing! LOL! Good luck next time!
adam anderson said…
Thanks for this thought! I feel exactly the same way.

As I sit here preparing an EQ lesson about Home Teaching, I'm anticipating the same crowd you described there. Plus, its a double whammy since I'm calling the brethren to action. Nobody likes to be told they aren't doing a great job....

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