The Hair Growing Miracle

Have you seen the commercial with Brooke Shields advertising this medicine called Latisse that can help you grow thicker, darker eyelashes? I have to admit that I am intrigued with such a product’s claims. Thicker hair that grows out of no where? Fantastic!

But I must say, shouldn’t we be marketing this product to consumers who may need this much more then females?

How about balding males? If we have a product that makes hair out of nothing at all (shout out to Air Supply) why aren’t we marketing this to balding men? Much like we do with ED (erectile dysfunction) medication at all hours of the day and night (Which, if I may say, have gotten a little out of control, haven’t they. If was funny at first but…not so much now.)

I know men who would give their left leg for a product that would promise them hair growth.

Sure, the hair would be course and stick straight up in the air. And yes, your hair would probably be darker then your normal hair color so it would be splotchy at best.

But who cares when science has brought us the miracle of the mascara comb and eyelash curler. Sure it would take you 14 hours to comb your hair, but my male friends we would have hair again. HAIR!

How ‘bout it science? Hook some balding brothers up.


j said…
I thought Ron Popeil figured this out long ago with his GLH Formula 9?
Carrot Jello said…
Dude, I found the cure for baldness underneath my bathroom floor.
Had my toilet not leaked and rotted the flooring, I would have never known.
Can't tell you yet. I'm trademarking it.
But I will do a post on it.
Oh yes, I will.
Until then, you'll just have to bald.
Miss said…
Uhh. Recent surveys show that more men care about "getting it up" than having hair to comb. Marketing is in cahoots with science. Sorry.

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