The Angry Meeting

So I just got a new calling at church, and as such have been thrust into being social and going to many meetings. Honestly people, I am more comfortable sitting in the back making fun of bad musical numbers.

Don’t get me wrong friends, I love serving at church and interacting with amazing people. Although, I am having a hard time believing that we need to have so many meetings. And I have hard time believing that when we do hold meetings that they really need to take two hours a shot. Really? Two hours?

Last night I attended a two hour meeting that could have been accomplished in one. Keep in mind I loved the topic we were discussing, I believe it is a true principle and should be included in all our lives. However, half way through the meeting I was tempted to stand and say to the speaker, “Good friend, I love you like a brother…but get to the freakin’ point!

To compound matters the two people who I serve with in my calling are just sooo good, and are about ready to be sucked right up into heaven. Grab onto their legs friends, they are heading up. And I feel like I am border line socially and spiritually, for the lack of a better word, retarded when I am around them. They are so patient and good with me in all my cynicism and sarcasm, which only makes me feel worse.

I know that over the years I have been increasingly more cynical about things that I should love and embrace. My desire is to be one of those people that just loves everyone, that always has something good to say when people gossip, and a person who never stands up in meetings and tells the speakers that they need to get to the point or sit down.

Maybe that is why I am in this calling so I can learn how to have a change of heart and root out the evil that is within in me. Only time will tell.

But I don’t see how my change of heart will come from attending another two hour meeting. They just make me so angry! So angry!


j said…
Perhaps you could volunteer to put together an agenda for the next meeting. At least an agenda would help keep the meeting on track, and if that's not enough you can leverage your new agenda-maker power into the power to ask people to stick to the topic at hand.
Rachel K said…
I think you should stand up and shout.

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