The Newdorff Sisters

This video is brought to you by the blog, Oinkle Doinkle (One of the funniest blogs that I have ever encountered. Check it out)

So there are some things that make me love this video.

1- Oh Sweet preacher lady, Merry, Blessed, Happy Christmas…um, pretty much the exact same thing. Just saying.

2- Check out the great cinematography happening in this video. I love the zoom in, tight focus on the plant and then out to Henrietta and Myrna, and then the zoom back into the plant. Two words: Power, Full.

3- Now friends “Go Tell It on the Mountain” is one of my favorite revival songs of praise and remembrance. It takes a special someone to pull it off because it requires both a powerful voice and a lot soul power, if you know what I talking about. Henerietta and Myrna Newdorff’s vocal stylings I have not seen the likes of since Mr. John Dakers. (Which if you haven’t seen friends is worth a watch. Sometimes when I am feeling blue I watch him multiple times a day.)

I love this video because don’t you feel for that teenage girl. Didn’t your parents make you do things that you didn’t want to do. Like singing on the public access Christian channel when you really wanted to go toilet papering with your friends. And you know you have to do what your parents ask you to do, but to get back at your parents you just barely squeak any effort at all.

Or maybe this is how she is all the time and if so…she needs to drink a Red Bull ASAP.

Oh sisters Newdorff, thank you for this gem. Your singing makes me want to jump to my feet and sleep.

You, sweet sisters, are a deeeelight.


Marilyn Abney said…
You know, they proabably just learned how to talk without stuttering and this was their final product or goal. I am so proud of them, cause I know I couldn't even begin to do what I have expected so many others to do. I hate to put a damper on the situation, but the sweet sisters got to love em.

Spoken like a true u.
Carrot Jello said…
I was wondering why so many people were coming from your blog.
For a minute, I thought you started stalking me.
Katie said…
I especially love the awkward ending... have we faded yet?
Carrot Jello said…
Maybe this!

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