The Wal-Mart Greeter

I always feel bad for the Wal-mart greeters, don’t you?

Whenever I go to the Wal-Mart, I always think to myself, “How does one get to the point in their life were "Wal-mart Greeter" becomes a viable option of employment?”

Don't get me wrong friends I am happy they are working, but…a greeter? Really?

When I express my concern about my friends, the greeters, people say that they must enjoy it because they are retired and it gives them something to do everyday. But surely there must be other places where our “baby boomers” can find some sense of value.

At my Wal-Mart my greeter is a retired gentleman who greets me with a high five and then has a cart ready for me when I walked in. It seems a bit much for me. My spirit is already crushed that I have to shop at the Wal-mart, giving me the “Top Gun, One Up, One Down” doesn't do much to embolden my spirit. But I appreciated the effort any who.

But as I walked away I felt sad for him. Like I needed to hold him for a minute and tell him that everything would be ok, and that he wouldn’t have to do this senseless Wal-mart gig forever.

I know he would never complain to my face about his job, because I am convinced that all Wal-Mart employees have a micro-chip inserted into their brains that gives them electrical shocks when they think outside of the "Wal-Mart paradigm".

But if I listened ever so closely, through strained lips, I would hear a faint whisper coming from my Wal-Mart Greeter saying, “Heeellllp Mmmmeeee”.

So friends, next time you are over ta' the Wal-Mart. Take a moment to hold your greeter, tell them how much you care about them, and let them know that there are other options available for them outside of the Wal-Mart.

And than give them a “Top Gun, One up, One down” and get on with your shoppin’.


Kimi D said…
while working for an unscrupulous financial company, we were coached in our sales efforts to use the line "do you want to spend your retirement years in a wal-mart vest?". one co-worker went so far as to have the prospect bring his wife and children into the room and asked him to repeat to them, "i'm sorry for shaming the family, but i'll be working evenings as a wal-mart greeter."
besides being a checker at a grocery store, i think this would be a great job. lots of people watching. lots of interacting with people - and none of the work of having a real job - like restocking the shelves. plus, you get to act like you have lots of power when the people leave and they have something that isn't bagged and you have to ask them for their receipt - like that's going to scare them off. would i want my husband to have this job as his career goal? nope. but i wouldn't mind doing it! plus, i look good in blue.
Erin said…
You know, there are just some people (one very close to me) that have been down on their luck with work in their older years. It's unfortunate, but no one hires them past a certain age. It's nice to know that there is a job out there where it is required to be an older, retired aged person. They can actually make a semi-living instead of living off of their almost depleted social security. I don't think anyone aspires to be the Wal-Mart greeter, but it's a job that someone needs, and kudos to them for doing it with a smile! Shine on, shine on you crazy Wal-Mart greeter diamond!
Carrot Jello said…
Already have, my friend.
Already have.

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