The Google

Remember that time when you Googled you new co-worker and found out about a lot of cool and interesting things they had done at their last job?

Remember how you told yourself that you would never bring those things up to them in conversation, because how creepy would that be if they found out you had Googled them?

Do you also remember that time when you accidentally slipped and mentioned the cool and interesting things that they had done at their last job that you found on Google while talking to them?

And recall if you will, your co-worker’s shock when he asked you how you had found out about the cool and interesting things they had done at their last job.

Remember how embarrassed you were that you were found out? So you said you had to go to the bathroom, but you really jumped in your car, drove all the way home and locked yourself in the closet and collapsed in the fetal position, where you rocked and cried yourself to sleep?

Remember how you never want to run into that person ever again, or how you never want to go to work again? Soooooooo awkward

Beware the power that we have in Google. Promise me you will only use it for good…and the occasional embarrassing situation. Promise Me!


Rachel K said…
Thank you for making me laugh outloud. Ha!
Becki said…
haha, nice rob!
ps. dallin and i love your blog. we are so excited every time you post

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