The Higher Power

Do you ever run into you house after an uncomfortable ride home, throwing your keys and everything else in a trail behind as you need to hit the bathroom stat?

You find your seat and realize to your horror that there is no hygenic paper on the roll. And not only that, but after digging through your trash, you can't find anything that could possibly even substitute for hygienic paper.

So now you are in a bit of a bind because…what do you do? But you realize you haven’t really let anything go yet, and so it is possible you could probably just travel to another local where the hygienic paper abounds and is open to the public.

So in times of trouble I usually turn to a higher power and this was no exception.

As I sat pondering on what to do, I looked out my window. And as I looked heavenward I saw a steeple right next to my house. I felt it was a sign, so I ever so gentlely bolted out of the door.

Running down the street like a speed walker, I made it just in time to push some boy scouts out of my way and rush into the bathroom.

You know I walked out of that church with a new perspective above about a great many things?

Number one, I learned that when you are faced with troubling times you can find relief at church.

Number two, if you are smart you can walk out of the church with your pockets filled with hygienic paper, and no one will be the wiser.

Feel free to incorporate this lesson into any religious teaching moments you have coming up. I might share it over the pulpit this Sunday, it’s hard to say.


Heidi said…
Oh. My. Heart.

I may die from suppressing the laughter.
Erin said…
Ah, this is the Robbie I know and love. Thanks for the laugh, amigo. I remember being at your house a few months ago and running into the same problem. As I looked heaven ward, I received no such sign. The toilet paper was still just one square (if that). And, um, that's the end of my story.

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