The Culotte


Do you ever see someone who is wearing a dress while they are standing still, and then they start walking and you find out that their long flowing dress, is really pants? And you bust out laughing because...what is that thing?

I saw someone wearing one of these ridiculous things out in public the other day and I thought, "I am not a fashion expert, although many of my friends say I have an quite the "eye" for some great khaki pants, but don't these things freak people out. Aren't there some rules about looking so weird in public?"

And so I have included some of my rules for the wearing of this bizarre piece of clothing, called the "culotte":
  • Unless you are a women and have a formal gathering you need to get to, and your only means of transportation to said formal gathering is your bicycle or unicycle, you are forbade from the wearing of culottes.
  • Unless you are a women and have a rockin' cello solo in your town symphony orchestra concert, and you have to steady your cello with your knees and look formal at the same time , you are forbade from wearing culottes.
  • Unless you are a female martial artist who rode your bicycle to a formal dinner, where you were playing your cello and you were attacked by some ninjas, and you were concerned about modesty when you did your "high kicks", are forbade from the wearing of the culottes.

If you don't fit into any of these three categories and you decide to wear the culottes...I may have to a call the fashion police. Be warned.


Mom4ever said…
Funny you should write this post! Ya know, I found myself in situation #3 just the other day. The ninjas were neatly dispatched, but I don't know if I could handle the fashion police. Thank you for being kind.

(I think culottes are kind of weird too.)
ShEiLa said…
very funny...

I could see how wearing culottes while riding a bike would be disasterous.


ps. I wonder who invented them???
Nathan said…
My 4th grade teacher wore these ALL. THE. TIME.

She was the only one I ever saw with them, and I haven't seen any since.

I'm crossing my fingers this isn't making a comeback.
Megan Woods said…
Aww, culottes. My grandma wore these. Hers were polyester, with the crease sewn right in, and came just below her knee. Bless her heart.

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