The Cat Dance

Friends, I have never understood “cat people”. I mean, I don’t hate cats but I don’t think I could ever own one. To me cats have a little bit of an attitude. What’s the point of having an animal if they are indifferent to you?

I have known many a “cat person” in my life that has been scratched, bitten, and surprised attacked by their cats and yet they still love them and let them sleep on their face at night. What’s that all about?

Can you ever see a dog doing something like that? Dogs greet you at the door and want to make you happy. Honestly, can you see a cat going for a jog with you? Pulling you out of a burning building or car? And I don’t think a cat would even care if you were blind and you needed to be led to the bathroom. And don’t even get me started about the smell of kitty litter, I can’t even stomach it.

So you can imagine my delight when I discovered another side of “cat people” that has made me think, umm, maybe I have misjudged my fellow cat lovers, lo these many years. That’s right friends it is called “cat dancing”. Look how fun this looks.

I am a fan of any type of lyrical dance but especially dance that involves dressing up and flipping and rolling on the ground with some sort of animal. La, how jolly! And how much more fun is it when you can dress up that animal in the same outfit you are wearing. Oh, so great. Check out these fun folks. Every time I see these pictures I get a little envious, I wish I was right there with them. I love the guy in the pink shirt, he is really going for it, jazz hands and all. Shine on you crazy diamond!

If you would like more images or are looking for a fun gift for that upcoming baby shower or bar mitzvah. The book is called "Dancing with Cats" and will likely sale out very quickly.(Spoiler Alert: if you are a friend or family member you might find this little morsel underneath your Christmas tree this year) . Jump on it, like the cats in these pictures, or you may miss out on this rare find.


Heidi said…
I love my cats. I also think dogs are awesome and I like birds.

But I am not insane.

You may find me talking to cats (heck, I talk to lizards and bugs), but I wouldn't be caught dead trying to dress one up and dance with it. Those people are nuts. Awesome nuts, but nuts.
Erin said…
I'm not a fan of cats. I too feel they have attitude. We had a few growing up, and I couldn't stand them! I understand that many love them, but I'm ok saying that I'm not one of them.
WHAT THE.....?!?! Seriously. I'm developed more of a tolerance for cat people since I got my dog, but this has gone TOO FAR!!!! People buying the book are just enabling the socially inappropriate behavior that is cat dancing. Shame!!!
Jessica F. said…
I am SOOOOO glad you found us. You wit is better than ever.
I cannot stand cats and the thought of them makes me sick...gross! The more disgusting part is that people actually let their cats sleep with them...YUCK!!!
Melody-Linda said…
You are on my ballot for the funniest person ever! These pictures are absolutely priceless!

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