The Fight or Flight Response

Are you ever amazed at your body’s fight or flight reactions? Mine are so weird.

Every time I go see a scary movie I am baffled by what my body does instinctually when confronted with fear.

As I am watching a movie and someone in the movie is walking done a dark hallway, and I know at any second a monster is going to jump out and kill them, here is what my body does: My legs pull up to my chest, followed by my pointer fingers inserting themselves into my ears, while the rest of my hands extend over my eyes, but not really covering my eyes completely, they do more like a “jazz hands” thing, so I can still see what is about to happen.

And then once the monster does jumps out to kill the person walking down the hallway, my body lets out an audible gasp. I am not talking about a quick breath inward; I am talking about a full on sound of a vacuum cleaner gasping, it is loud and usually causes a few stares. I honestly have been known to suck up pieces of popcorn and candy from the person sitting in front of me. It’s that powerful.

And then for some odd reason my legs jet forward, while my arms fly out to my side. I have injured the person next to me multiple times, and have launched the person in front of me out of their seat.

I am not sure what my body thinks it is accomplishing when it does all these things, but I worry that if a monster sneaks into my house to kill me, my first response is going to be me in the fetal position, with my hands covering my eyes, taking in huge breaths, and flailing my limbs every which way.

I could be wrong, but I don’t know if that is really going to help me survive the attack, do you?


Carrot Jello said…
Rest assured, all the monsters are dead now. I have proof, and will be blogging about it in the future.
Stay tuned.
ShEiLa said…
YOU might just scare them. (flailing arms and all) Lots of screaming might help the neighbors come to your rescue. ;)

Nathan said…
I think you're doomed.

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