The Chastity Share

Good Friends-

Do you ever have a lesson on "Chastity" in Elders Quorum? And someone raises their hand and shares some experiences where they or a family member broke the law of chastity? And you are sitting there thinking...(push play now.) Maybe those feelings should be shared within the walls of your own home. Thanks friend.


Heidi said…
Oh crap. That lesson is next week in my RS. . . At least the worst-offending commenters aren't around this summer. I will play that clip in my head over and over and over. Thanks for helping us get through this difficult time.
kjgray75 said…
Rob, I think you should be prepared for the next time this happens by stashing a special video into your scriptures that you can just pull out and share. It's a seminary video circa 1990. I believe you'll know exactly what I'm talking about as soon as the "warm me don't burn me" music begins and the young man walks from a house tucking in his shirt. They don't produce them like that anymore!

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