The Awkward Goodbye

So recently I had an amazing experience with a group of people that I love. It was life changing and many of the people will have a lasting place in my heart.

But there was one family that I got particularly close to.

It was getting close to when we were all leaving, and I started experiencing some emotions and feelings that I felt needed to be shared.

 So I gave them a hug and launched into what I can only phrase as “emotional and verbal vomit”. It just didn't stop, it just kept coming no matter how hard I tried to hold it back There was a few of “You have changed my life” with a little dash of “you are the wind beneath my wings”, followed by a shower of tears, and rocking and holding. It was quite a scene.

But I felt good because I had emptied all the feelings that I had carried for so long about these wonderful people.  We then hugged and I was about ready to head to my flight, only to hear over the radio that my flight was delayed.

Now there is something very liberating about unloading such feelings when you know there is a very high chance you will never see these people again and you can walk away after you have shared some tender feelings.

But then there we a very loud silence...not knowing what to say because...IT had all had been said.

There I stood feeling all of a sudden like I had shared too much with way too much emotion, and they probably thought I was an emotional wreck?

It was weird, so I excused myself and sat in the bathroom until my flight left.


Katie said…
Hahahahaha.... this is awesome. And hilarious. Hoping to see you at that barbecue this week!
Adele said…
The same thing happened to me when I said goodbye to the group I traveled to Rome with earlier this year. HA! Well except I thought my flight took off in a different terminal so after the long goodbye I ended up leaving at the gate right next to theirs...
Totally funny and awkward!

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