Monday, December 16, 2013

The Personality Test

So I just paid $9.00 to take a personality test to help me find a new career.

I had some general ideas of different fields that I think I might be interested, like training or counseling but I felt like I needed a second witness, if you will, confirming that my career options are in fact a  field that my personality and biology are predisposed to do.

Here are some of the exciting career options that this survey says I would be great at.:
  • ·         Library Technician or Assistant
  • ·         Computer Operator (Isn’t that I what I do all day any way?)
  • ·         File Clerk
  • ·         Utility Meter Reader
  • ·         Telephone Operator
  • ·         Slot Supervisor (I hope they are referring to “slot machines”)
  • ·         Bus or Subway Driver
  • ·         Postal Service Clerk
  • ·         Costume Attendant
  • ·         Parking Enforcement Worker
  • ·         Gaming Dealer or Gaming Cage Worker
  • ·         Parking Lot Attendant
  • ·         Cook, Fast Food
  • ·         Maid
  • ·         Nonfarm Animal Caretaker

Are they serious?

I am now really confused. None of the options I have been considering, that I have some natural raw talent in, even make the cut.

And secondly, if these, in fact, are the careers that I am predisposed to enjoy, why in the world did I waste so much time going to school and getting a Masters degree. In hind sight, that was a just huge waste of time.  If I would have jump into of these great career fields instead of wasting my time in school, I could be a head cook at McDonalds or the Head Costume Attendant at my local Zurchers. 
I feel like I have wasted so much time that I can never get back.

Well this has been most eye opening.  
I am putting in my application for a Nonfarm Animal Caretaker today…on second thought, Um, I think I want my $9.00 back!