The Personality Test

So I just paid $9.00 to take a personality test to help me find a new career.

I had some general ideas of different fields that I think I might be interested, like training or counseling but I felt like I needed a second witness, if you will, confirming that my career options are in fact a  field that my personality and biology are predisposed to do.

Here are some of the exciting career options that this survey says I would be great at.:
  • ·         Library Technician or Assistant
  • ·         Computer Operator (Isn’t that I what I do all day any way?)
  • ·         File Clerk
  • ·         Utility Meter Reader
  • ·         Telephone Operator
  • ·         Slot Supervisor (I hope they are referring to “slot machines”)
  • ·         Bus or Subway Driver
  • ·         Postal Service Clerk
  • ·         Costume Attendant
  • ·         Parking Enforcement Worker
  • ·         Gaming Dealer or Gaming Cage Worker
  • ·         Parking Lot Attendant
  • ·         Cook, Fast Food
  • ·         Maid
  • ·         Nonfarm Animal Caretaker

Are they serious?

I am now really confused. None of the options I have been considering, that I have some natural raw talent in, even make the cut.

And secondly, if these, in fact, are the careers that I am predisposed to enjoy, why in the world did I waste so much time going to school and getting a Masters degree. In hind sight, that was a just huge waste of time.  If I would have jump into of these great career fields instead of wasting my time in school, I could be a head cook at McDonalds or the Head Costume Attendant at my local Zurchers. 
I feel like I have wasted so much time that I can never get back.

Well this has been most eye opening.  
I am putting in my application for a Nonfarm Animal Caretaker today…on second thought, Um, I think I want my $9.00 back!


What are you so somber for? Non Farm Animal Caretaker sounds like an incredible vocation! The sad part is that I've done some of those jobs. Don't go with meter reader, the utilities are phasing out those jobs (yes, I used to do that job for the electric company). And I am thoroughly confused by others. What the hell is a costume attendant, or gaming cage worker, or telephone operator? Aren't we all telephone operators whenever we make a call? Is that an actual job still?

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