Trax People

So I have been riding trax to save money from my gas guzzling Honda Civic. Each morning is such a unique experience that I thought I would share.

The Foam Hat Man:

There is a man who gets off at my stop who is wearing a huge novelty foam cowboy hat, like you would win at a carnival. And each morning I try to catch up to him so I can get the scope on what he does for a living that he must wear this foam hat. Is he a clown? Does he work at a some BBQ place where they force their employees to wear embarrassing cowboy attire, much like the sweet sisters at Hot dog on a Stick? Today I was thinking that he could possibly do construction and that hat protects him from the harmful UV rays that could give him skin cancer (seriously his hat would shade his entire body). One of these days I am going to follow him and find out that he is just plain crazy and likes to dress in costume to lure people down an alley so he can rob them.

Hairy Hippie Girl:

Yesterday the AC was not working on my train and it was so hot. To add to the discomfort the train was full of people. I was standing up and directly across from me was a women with dread locks wearing a tank top. Now, I applaud people who want to look different and do their own thing. In my mind I thought, "Good on you soul sister, do your thing". And then she raised her arm to grab the bar to steady herself. Friends, it appeared there was a hamster under there, but upon closer inspection she just hadn't shaved for several days or possibly years. Now, if people don't want to shave their under arms that is there business, but must we wear a tank top when the train is crowded and close to 100 degrees and I am doing an about face right in her armpit? Must we? Really?

Pee Man:

So I was walking to get on trax and I saw a man standing in front of a low wall, so part of his upper body was showing but his lower was concealed. I could tell that by the position of his hands that some thing more was happening than him just standing in front of a random wall. Yes, my friend he was taking a leak in broad daylight where not only I could see him but the entire city of Sandy. The troubling thing to me is that he didn't even act alarmed or nervous as I walked toward him. He just smiled and waved with his one free hand. He then he jumped up to my level and we walked awkwardly side by side to get on the train. As trax riders we are one big happy family. We can see each other at our very lowest moments but once it is time to board that train we all embrace and move forward with our lives with smiles. However, behind our tolerant smiles we hope the next day they will miss their train so we will not have to face them ever again.


Erincita said…
AHHH! Hairy hippie lady would've scared the living day lights out of me! I'm sorry, it's just not acceptable. Next you're going to tell me she wasn't wearing deodorant either! For the love!
Roberto - you can't dangle the carrot and pull it away! You ASK that hat man the reason behind his accessories.

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