The Alumni Super Stars

I live a quiet life, an important but unassuming life. I think for the most part I am a pretty good person and would consider myself a high yielding member of society. But with that said, whenever the BYU alumni magazine arrives in the mail and I see what my fellow alumni are up to, I begin to question if I am doing enough.

To look at the people they spotlight, it seems they all have 12 children, are working on a second doctorate degree, are earning their 2nd billion, and yet amazingly, they still manage to spend months in Africa bandaging orphans with leprosy.

I know I should clap for them, but honestly it makes me wonder if I have squandered my learning from the BYU.

With all these feelings of inadequacy, it makes it hard for me to put my cure for cancer on the market.


Athack77 said… true. I tell ya, that's a Utah and a BYU thing. It's not like that in the other places I've lived, California, Oregon, Arizona and Kansas!
Erika said…
So refreshing to hear someone else say what I've always thought! Thank you!!
Nathan said…
We should start the "unofficial" alumni magazine (with a more "unvarnished" view). Seriously, wouldn't that be awesome?

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