The Passionate Political Speech

Friends, I want to bring Phil Davison’s drive and passion into all areas of my life. I would be unstoppable…perhaps a little unstable, but unstoppable nevertheless.

There are a couple of things I have learned from Phil’s speech:
  1. When giving an important speech it’s always good to be memorized, or to at least carry your notes with you, so you avoid tedious wandering on stage and misquoting Albert Einstein. 
  2. When giving an important speech its might be good to get your volume and tone right. I don’t think it would have hurt Phil, to run his speech by his peers, parents, and perhaps a few of his pets. If they run away in fear…you might want to dial it down a couple notches.

I am sad to report the Phil was not endorsed by the Stark County Republican Executive Committee, it’s hard to say way really, but I think it had something to do with the color of his tie. Who knows?


Melinda DeBirk said…
Ok, I really only made it through about 2 and a half minutes of this, but... wow. Just... really. I think a good pet run-through would have been just the thing!
Pickleope said…
Oh Phil. Phil, no. Why are you...Phil, just stop. Although I do have to admit that I am jealous being that I can't muster that much passion about anything.
I saw this at the Master of Influence seminar with Kirk Duncan in January. He used it as an example of poor body language... I agree that Phil has a lot of passion and spirit, and I hope that he learns how to channel it productively! :)
Jana B. said…
"I ... have a MASTERS.... of COMMUNICATION!!!"

This guy is totally awesome. I felt ready to go win the state championship--he should really think about doing the locker room pep talks.

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