Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Church Wife

Today I was running late to church.

I walked in and greeted the fellow handing out the programs for the service. As I reached for a program he pulled back and said, "I already gave a program to your wife."

Which is odd, because as you know, I don't have wife.

But then I thought, "May be my future wife is here. May be this good brother didn't make a mistake but was, in his own special way, telling me that my future wife was in the congregation, today, right then, waiting for me to share a program with her."

I rushed in hoping to find her.

Apparently, she got tired of a waiting, because I couldn't find her any where. It looks like she got tired of holding the program by herself and left.

I really need to get to church earlier, and my wife needs to be a little bit more patient in waiting for me.


Pickleope Von Pickleope said...

Would you want that person as a wife? What kind of weird-o leaves church before the service is over? "Ugh, the pastor is going with Leviticus 9:12-18? I'm out of here. LAME!"

Heidi said...

I need a church husband. Maybe then the guy handing out the programs will stop having a crush on me...

Stephanie Abney said...

You crack me up!

lann bak said...

Rob, it's been way too long since you wrote a blog. What exciting things ar going on in your life?