The Movie Peer Pressure

A movie came out recently that had everyone talking.

"The special effects are amazing!"
"That movie had me on the edge of my seat for all 15 hours."
"I laughed, I cried, It cured my gingivitis!"

I won't tell you the name of the movie, because I don't want to hurt anyone's feeling who really liked it, but it starts with and "I" and rhymes with "Mintersteller".

A group of my friends took me to this movie and we are all excited because, as I said before, the buzz about this movie was off the charts. So my expectation was that I was really going to love this movie.

So 15 hours later, the lights came up and here were my thoughts:

"Wait..I don't get it. Do he go back to space? Wait. What? I don't understand. Am I stupid? Why is everyone in the movie running on different times? Dangit I knew I should have taken AP Physics? I don't get it! This movie is super confusing."

Needless to say, I didn't like this movie. In fact I HATED it. It was just a tad big for it's britches and more made me feel  like an idiot. How dare they keep throwing all this science at me? And nobody, I mean no body, puts Robierto in a corner by making him think too hard in movie. Who am I Albert Eise..Eckert know who I mean.

But all my my friends, one of whom was crying like baby, where saying things like:

"Wasn't that movie amazing? What a powerful message about love and space."
"Does anyone have a tissue? I just can't stop crying. It was just so beautiful." 
"Wasn't that Patthew PcConaughy (the name has been changed)such an amazing actor? I didn't think he could keep his shirt on for entire movie, but he did it...he did it."
"Was that movie 15 hours? Wow, the time just flew by."

And then they turned to me, "Robierto, what did you think?"

Now this is a delicate situation friends, which requires some judgement. Do I tell my friends I hated it because I was too stupid to understand most of it, or do I tell them I loved it, and have them continue thinking that I am a pretty awesome person?

My response?

"That movie was awesome. I love the part about the science...and space. One the best movies of the year!"

Friends, I may be stupid...but I ain't that stupid.
Social standing always trumps intellectual standing...always.


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