The Water Jug

So here is a new trend that has taken our little church congregation by storm...water bottles.

Now, I am not talking about little water bottles, I am talking about full on Nalgene 32 ouncers that you take hiking, camping and run marathons with.

I can't decide why the women in my ward need them. Are they so overcome with the spirit that they they are getting dehydrated? All that talk about spiritual things is making their mouths dry? What! What is it sisters?

I am not sure if they are aware that there are three drinking fountains 10 feet from the doors of the chapel.

All these questions and emotions came to a head yesterday when the speaker brought up her 32 oz Big Gulp mug filled with water, and set it next to hear while she gave her talk.

You know I would rather step on my tongue than criticize others but...sister please.

(My friend said in her comments that women with young children need to have a lot of water. I am not sure if I understand, unless they have to...oh, is that what they are doing with blankets and their babies...and then they...Ahhh I see.)


That's too much. Even the general authorities don't need that much water, although the occasional sip is necessary. Maybe you have a lot of pregnant women in your ward. They have to be hydrated a lot! Perhaps you should bring one of those water backpacks with the tube you suck on to prove a point :)
Nathan said…
I triple dog dare you to wear one of those beer hats with a couple water bottles in the holders next week.
ShEiLa said…
I have seen small water bottles in our Ward and never a 32 ounce BIG -gulp MUG. Seriously... I don't think anyone needs that much water in 3 hours. Do they spend the rest of the meetings in the little girls room??? That is where I would be if I was drinking like a camel.

Carrot Jello said…
This, and Nathans comment made me laugh.

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