The Awkward Re-run

Do you ever go over ta' the Wal-Mart to do some “roll-back” shoppin'”? It is my least favorite activity of the entire week, but you have to eat, so you go and crack it out.

So last night almongst the bitter grapes in the Wal-mart produce aisle I ran into my neighbor, who I know sort of, but not really. So we just made idle chit-chat and shared some obligatory pleasentries, and then I finished with, “It was good talking to you. I will see you later.

But as I was walking down the next aisle, who did I see? My neighbor walking towards me. I didn’t realize that when I said I would see him later it would be two seconds later.

What do you say? It’s not like I hated the guy but I had already finished up our last conversation and I didn’t have any fresh new material to talk to him about. So I just said the first thing that popped into my head,

Heeeeeey neighbor. Didn’t I just see you? Ha-ha! Alright we’ll talk to you later.

And then I quickly got out of there, and moved three aisles ahead of him so this awkwardness wouldn’t continue.

So, there I was in the toilet paper aisle, squeezing me some Charmin Ultra (which, by the way, if you haven’t tried it, is a little piece of heaven on your blind side) when I run into my neighbor again. So, my heart is pounding and I just want to run the opposite way with my cart. But I am a grown up, so through a strained smile, I do the pretend “punch in the stomach” and say, “I keep running into you!”. And then I bolt with my cart and run five aisles ahead of him.

I don’t know if we had identical shopping lists but I sware I ran into him like three more times. So by the fifth "run in", the situation has gotten so awkward, that when we saw each other heading down the same aisle toward each other we didn't even make eye contact, and pretended we were complete strangers, even though we are trying to figure out the social etiquette to alleviate these awkward feelings we both were experiencing.

So I finally, I had to actually take a time out because the whole situation has gotten out of control. I actually hid in a clothing rack until I could see he was finished with his shopping, so I could finish mine.

And I just want to say here, my neighbor isn’t a bad person, he is good people, but it’s the situation that is so awkward. It’s talking to someone, actually giving them a farewell or a “we should get together for lunch” and then rounding the corner and seeing them again…and againand again.

Why is that so awkward? I am not sure, but it usually sends my feelings of social anxiety through the roof!

So finally, I get my shopping done, drive home, pull into my parking stall and start unloading my groceries, and you’ll never believe who pulled in right next to me.

Yep…my neighbor.

(dedicated to Molly-Noooo)


Jana B. said…
i love that you hid in the clothes rack till your neighbor left. that is too great.
this happens to me more than i care to think about. i, like you, remember i need something on the complete opposite side of the store after about the 2nd run in!!

and let's be honest. i hate buying toilet paper. i know everyone uses it, but when you are buying, everyone knows why you are buying it. what's more embarassing - buying the JUMBO pack from costco.

i remember in college, aunt brenda bought our apartment the big pack and the only way she would let us keep it is if i would carry it into the apartment. let's just say, there was a big decision to make. in the end, i swallowed my pride and ran as fast as i could carrying toilet paper the size of texas up to the 3rd floor of the bc.

good times.

why don't you live closer? i need more rob in my life.
Jess said…
This just happened to me the other day at good 'ol Walmart. It is so awkward! The hiding in the clothes rack had me laughing out loud.
Paige's comment made me laugh also because I remember how embarrassed she was buying t.p. when we were roomies at the B.C.
Love reading your blog!
Miss Molly said…
This is my new favorite thing to do: Scan the aisles frantically so that I can avoid the situation all together. I see a ward member, or whomever, and just bolt the other way. Then I send the obligatory (read: guilt) email, text, facebook, whatever...I saw you at Smith's today! I was in such a hurry I knew I couldn't stop to say hi. But I'm saying hi now!

That way, JUST IN CASE they did see you, you are off the hook.

And thank you for dedicating this to me. I will be sure to duck and run next time I see you.

My word verification is angst.

just sayin.

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