The "OK"

 “Oh, that’s OK”.

That’s kind of a funny thing to say to someone after they have wronged you isn’t it?

If someone has done something wrong why do we say “Oh, that’s OK” when it really is not?

For example, a couple of days ago I went to my voice teachers little studio, and I had to use the bathroom. Now when I say a bathroom, don’t think of a bathroom in the traditional sense of the word, with a little room with sink, toilet and perhaps a shower. When I use the phrase “bathroom” here,  think of a closet that has been made into a bathroom.  This particular bathroom must be where they got the name for “water closet” they have at those fancy hotels, ya know, like the Best Western or the Airport Ramada.

So I shimmed in, because I literally had to turn sideways to get into this tiny room, and took a seat. It was actually kind of cozy as I had to scrunch down because of the slanted ceiling.  I also found it quite convenient to rest my arm on the sink as I, as my long crammed against the closed door.

My comfy rest was quickly interrupted however, as I heard someone approaching the bathroom door. So I did what any sane person does when they question the reliability of a bathroom lock…I started whistling and clearing my throat so they would know that this little water closet was “occupado”.

But for whatever reason she started jiggling the door knob.

What? Didn’t I make it abundantly clear with all my whistling and throat clearing that I was in there?
So I shouted, “Just a minute.  Someone is in here.
To which she responded, “I’m so sorry”.
Which I followed up with, “Oh, That’s OK

That’s OK”? 
Is it really OK? Again, that is an interesting phrase to use.

I can see her on the other side of the door thinking, “Well he did say it was ok, so I am going to try to get into this micro-bathroom because he obviously doesn’t mind an extra person in there. It’ll be like a little pee party.”

Do you see what I am driving at friends? I know we are just trying to be nice, but when someone is trying to bust into the bathroom door while you’re doing your business, shouldn’t we cast aside pleasantries and get to the point of what we want?

Oh, I don’t know, maybe we can say something like “I forgive you sweet friend, now slowing step away from the door and let’s never speak of this again” or “Touch the door handle again and I will break your hand”, ya know something subtle like that.


or how about something like - you will regret it if you come in here while i'm in here. Or "you will regret that I am in here first! You won't want to come in here after I'm done! sorry"

Then they can say "that's ok"
Nathan said…
My daughter has learned this a little too well. Every once in a while, she will do something bad, like accidentally hit us in the head with her Barbie as she flings it around. We try to show that she shouldn't do stuff like that by vocalizing that it hurt.

Her response?

"Oh, that's OK, Daddy. That's OK."

Totally takes the wind out of my sails.

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