The Chia-Obama


What in the what? Are people insane?

My friend told me about the Chi-Obama on Saturday and I said, "Surely, you gest."
Upon which she replied, "I do not Gest...and don't call me Shirley (shout out to the Leslie Neilson).

The thing that makes me laugh so hard about this is how serious they are about it. I mean, it's a Chia, not a commemorative plate or coin from the Franklin's a chunk of pottery, and they are acting like it is a great symbol of our patriotism.


Honestly, I didn't vote for President Obama but this makes me feel sorry for him.
He has been reduced to a "Chia".

I have to say, I do the love the tackiness of it. It just screams "poor taste".
Will you all be getting one of these as your gift from me this year?


j said…
"Your Chia Obama is a symbol of Liberty, Opportunity, Prosperity, and Hope."

Are they expensive? Maybe that's how it's a sign of Prosperity. Liberty? I'm free to purchase ridiculously poor representations of our president and grow sprouts out of his head. Hope? To waste money on this product shows that you are hoping to make lots of money in the upcoming years.
Sara White said…
I will be watching for my Obama Chia in the mail. Merry Christmas to me!
we have one! or we had one. Brent got it as a gift from his brother last year for Christmas - but it didn't work - go figure!! Don't tell Brent but I threw it away because looking at the gross seeds on the head was disgusting!!

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