The Potty Humor

OK Friends, you know I am a sucker for some good “potty humor”. Call it a weakness, but my brain just automatically goes there. And the last place that you would expect for my brain to find “potty humor” is at church. But friends I did.

So I was sitting in Elder’s Quorum trying to be spiritual and find greater meaning in my life when the teacher asked “What can we do to find greater meaning in our lives.”

And as I sat pondering the question, the brother in front of me raised his hand and said this, “Ya know brothers it’s the things that we do, do everyday that makes a difference.

Where upon I thought, “Uh huh, uh huh…what was that?”

And then he said some other things and then repeated the phrase, “Ya know brothers it’s the things that we do, do everyday that makes a difference.

And my neighbor and I slowly turned to look at each other to confirm if we were hearing correctly, and his giggles confirmed our good brother said “Doo doo” in church. And not only that, but he used the word “doo doo” in a sentence where it actually made sense in context.

The mature thing would have been to gain composure and be an adult about the whole thing.
But friends, I giggled throughout the entire meeting.

I really need to do my duty, and out grow this “potty humor” brain of mine.


Unknown said…
I am so with u on this one. I have stories to tell of uncontrollable giggle/snorts in the most reverant of places. Ur FB posts make me laugh every time rob and now I find out u have a blog...good news.

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